Manifesting Destiny

I was looking for something to review that HASN’T been done to Death yet, and I came across this little game called Destiny, made by some developer called Bungie, seems they also made a series of games called Halo, where you play as a Master Chef, and your goal is to fry fish that you catch in flood areas, I don’t know, it sounds silly, but it must be popular since their’s a fifth one coming out soon. Enough about that though, let’s talk about Destiny, and it’s expansions. Hoo-rah.
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Racing Minds

I hope with the title you visualized two brains running on a track, neck to neck, and as they near the finish, they stretch out their tiny wobbly brain arms grasping for the finish line.

As they near the finish though, your vision blurs and everything’s become white in a flash of light. All that’s left is you wondering, “what good is this imagery?”

I’ll tell you right now what good it is, it’s nonsense and next to no benefit at all, and now you have the folly of racing brains in mind, and if not, then more power to you, all the power, like when He-man get’s the power. That’s you right now, you have the power now go be your amazing self. To those of you who.did visualize, worry not, you don’t need the power, you had the power to begin with, and if you got the power again, then the world would have ended from over abundance of amazingness.

You Have the Power!

The Cheetos Fuhrer

Hitler was alone in his office, dealing with the stress of the success of the allied invasion (D-day). He was on edge, and felt the need to calm down, even if just a little, so he reached for the lower drawer on his desk, opened it to reveal his stash of snacks. It wasn’t quite impressive in variety, but it was indeed impressive in number. What were they? Flaming Hot Cheetos, his only source of relief, and greatest joy, he especially loved licking his finger after munching away a bag or two. Thus he opened the bag, and as he reached in the bag he thought to himself, “I’ll take a Cheetos, and EAT”. Thing is, this bag was special and had a special prize, and that prize was a death note*. Hitler knew what it was immediately as Death Note was his favorite anime and he had seen it countless times. He then proceeded to write down the names of all his enemies, and that was that. Hitler won. All thanks to his favorite snack, Flaming Hot Cheetos. So on that day he made his most favorite snack available for all to enjoy. Well except for Grawitz of course, none for him.

“Heil Cheetos Fuhrer of The Cheetos Reich!”

I’m not Sorry.
* The Death Note is a black notebook which, in short, can kill anyone who’s name is written in it.

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A Matter of Subjects

So here’s an update, or something: don’t eat 2 day old pizza at midnight, you’ll regret it in the morning as your stomach eats itself, and your rancid breath slaughters everyone’s sense of smell. Oh, wait maybe that’s common knowledge?

OK, so that’s not the update. Sorry, I know that the topic of late night “snacks” are a big one, but for the moment, there are more pressing things to write about. Such as, the contents of this blog. Yeah, that’s a thing I overlooked in the first post. What a moron, right? But in my defense, that’s one beautiful specimen of rock, like my god, it’s the most beautiful rock in the world, ever. I’m surprised you don’t have to pay a fortune just to see it.

Anyhow let’s get back on track, I’ve taken this off the rails for much to long. Here at Strictly Ridiculous we’ll touch on topics such as… ha, “touch”, more like rub our faces all over the topics of video games, anime, puking, manga, and, music. This is just off the top of my head, I’m sure there will be more… probably… maybe… possibly… likely… something. Yeah, this is going to be a geek-out blog, where you’ll hear about the tiniest little thing being nit-picked on, even though we thoroughly enjoy it, that’s right no blindly loving things here… for the most part… hopefully? Can’t say for sure…

So, I covered what I wanted to cover, now how do I end this? Let’s see… Oh right, I have a rumbly in my tummy and there have been 5 casualties due to Rancid Breath. I capitalized “Rancid Breath” because it sounds like it’d be a cool title for a poem or song. Someone make it happen, please. Also important, that rock is still gorgeous.

Getting Started

To start a blog, you must write. To write, you must slam your head on the desk repeatedly til ideas spew forth from your mind and manifest themselves as words, and from there you reorganize those words into coherent sentences and paragraphs, or something.

But really, we’re still figuring things out, slowly, very slowly. So slow it appears as if we’re not doing anything at all, but I promise you this is not the case, just like this rock we are moving onward.

"Moving" Rock

Glorious Movement, isn’t it?

So like the rock, we move on with this very first post, indicating life, the life of such magnificent creatures, as that pure pictured specimen of rock, or as others might call it, The Stone. We aspire to endure like the stone, and continue with this idea, and write, write like the lunatics that we all are, to be as entertaining as a Rock.