The Bored NPC

It’s been months now, maybe even a year that I stood here undiscovered, and isolated.You’d think that out of the million of players playing this game, SOMEONE would find me and do my quest. But, nope, I alone am the “Easter Egg NPC” hidden away in some corner in the mid tier maps of the game. Waiting to give the first player to complete my quest the most exclusive gear you can get in the game, which in turn is also the best gear you can get; not to mention the copious amounts of gold as well. Funny thing too, all you had to do to complete my quest, was do a simple trading sequence where I give the player, a doll, and after several trades with multiple other NPCs bring me back a boomerang. No fighting involved, no mindless grinding, you just had to know who to talk to, and how. Anyone could do it… anyone at all… What if I did it? What if I didn’t want to stand here forever unnoticed? What if I wanted to be the biggest bad-ass in the game? I could do it. I really could.

Actually, you know what? I will do it.
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