FigView: Black Gold Saw

Would you look at that, it’s been a week, and there’s another FigView up. Yay me for not procrastinating… You know when you get excited about not being  lazy, then… well it’s nothing to be proud of now, is it? Talk about showing everyone your disgraceful ways, and then embarrassing yourself by pointing out the disgracefulness. So why am I writing this again? Oh right, Black Gold Saw Figma, almost forgot.

I’m gonna go ahead and start off by jumping into the negatives, thanks to that negative start. After all, two negatives make a positive, right? Maybe in multiplication, but this is writing, and technically we’re adding another paragraph, so if you add two negatives you get a… a… bigger negative? Or would I say smaller negative? OR! Stop. Stop. Stop right there, you’re getting sidetracked.

IMG_0316So about those negatives, Black Gold Saw has a giant sword, while that in itself is not a negative, it becomes a negative when trying to pose her, as her hands tend to have trouble carrying the swords weight, causing them to fall off. So if you happen to get a Figma of her that has loose hand joints then you’re doubly screwed, and you’re also in the same party I’m in. Now this might be able to be fixed if you tighten the joints by using rubber cement, but don’t take it from me, I’m lazy and forgetful, so I haven’t tried myself yet.

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Little Big ‘o’

I’m magnificento!

With a capital o.

Except, I didn’t capitalize it – either time.

Soo, really it’s lower case…

But, still important!

It’s lower case, but that’s just a disguise.

It’s a secret agent!

It’s a lower case posing as an undercover uppercase.

Or, is it an uppercase lower case that is posing as a lowercase posing as an uppercase lowercase?


It feels self conscious about its smaller font size, so it only tries to pass itself off as a lowercase posing as an uppercase lowercase because being an uppercase lowercase is too demeaning.


It’s a double agent for the lowercase army posing as an uppercase lowercase, that feels self conscious about its smaller font size that’s passing itself off as a lowercase to be an uppercase lowercase, that wont be suspected as a uppercase lowercase.

I’m so lost…

FigView: Dead Master

So it’s been about a week since my BRS FigView, so now it’s Dead Masters turn! See what I did there? I used an exclamation mark to distract you from the fact that it’s actually approaching three weeks since then. What was that? It’s not quite a distraction if I spill the beans right after? Oh, well… LOOK A NEW PARAGRAPH!
Something something something Dead Master. Something something something PICTURE. Something something something Dark Side. Something something something, get on with it already.

So to the right we have Dead Master and her two… skull weapons. As you can see, they come with their own stands, and you can open and close their mouths, and if you’re hoping they can “Shoop da Woop, I’M A’ FIRIN MAH LAZER!!” then you won’t be disappointed… assuming you have a great imagination, or some kind of video/picture editing skills. If you have neither then you’ll find your self disappointed. Sorry about that.
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FigView: Black Rock Shooter

I once told myself I’d do this one day, some day, eventually… and well, here we are calling it “FigView” like some kind of bad pun. Oh wait… that’s exactly what it is? Huh, go figure.

Puns aside, for our first FigView I’ll be looking at the now 6 year old original Black Rock Shooter Figma, which I myself have owned for about a year now… Late to the party? Heck yes I am, and that’s not going to stop me, because this definitely won’t be the only one that’s late to the party, I promise you that much. So with that said, here we go~

IMG_0152As you can see BRS (Black Rock Shooter) is usually sleeping and as such needs to be woken up before posing. Just kidding, she’s not sleeping, she’s dead. What happened? Well turns out the original BRS Figmas had a weak torso joint, that resulted in many Darth Maul style deaths much to the dismay of myself and many others before me, no doubt. But nevertheless, that’s why we have Super Glue. She may have lost flexibility and… pose-ibility, but at least she’s whole. That whole ordeal, initially made me think Figmas were a lot more fragile than I had thought, but turns out that wasn’t the case. In fact it seems Good Smile Company is cool and will in fact replace broken figure parts… if it’s no more than a year after it’s release, and so she remains broken… and used.
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