A Big Order of Plot Armor

I’ll grant your wish. BOOM. World ended. QQ, GG, GTFO. That pretty much sums up the premise to Big Order.  The show may not have finished as yet, but the fodder is sufficient for the criticism cannon. Minor or major spoilers may encroach. Thou hast been warned.

So I finally got around to seeing what Big Order is all about, and what I learned was that it’s all about fan service. Err, I mean it’s about Hoshimiya Eiji and how he destroyed the world and what he does afterwards. That’s an interesting concept, having our main character be the bad guy that… Oh, he didn’t do it on purpose? He’s trying to fix the world? So you’re telling me this is just a post-apocalyptic world saving story? Alright then… That’s not to say it isn’t an interesting premise as the situation he’s thrown in itself is interesting, and makes you wonder how everything will turn out.

But while Big Order had some promise with its premise, the delivery has absolutely devoured that promise, and spit it out as a lifeless cringe fest of convenient power loopholes. I can command you to do my bidding! Oh, cute headphones. Are those in fashion now? PLOT ARMOR. I can control air and gravity! You use water? How do I command THAT? PLOT ARMOR.  I command all of you and can tell you what to do such that you must obey me! Oh wait, you’re threatening my sister with someone I have control over? Crap. PLOT ARMOR.

But hey, at least you get to see sunbeams piercing through caves to “hide some fan service” (Ren’s Translation: draw your attention to it). That’s right, you don’t even get the fan service unless you buy the disk set in the future, or at least that’s our theory behind these censors. Not looking for fan service? Then prepare to be very disappointed, because Big Order sure delivers on SOMEONE’S big order of fan service. I hope they’re happy whoever they are.


Our hero contemplates Plot Armor.

So far, with a show called “Big Order” I think I would have preferred it to be about some guy who makes big orders at fast food restaurants and eats them in one sitting. This would gain him notoriety as a foodie, and he’d eventually find himself in food eating completions, which he begrudgingly joins after his friends push him to do so. By the end of the story, he’ll want to win for his own reasons and be up against a rival he gained through these tournaments. He wins, gets the prize money and achieves whatever purpose it is he found for himself. Yeah, I’d watch that. Sounds like a silly fun ride. What we HAVE though is, a great sounding idea that has so far fallen flat on it’s face.

Advent of the Nonsensical Whimsical

Concerning the undefined; on occasion, one may find oneself being tasked with an impossible task.  Opening a portal to the inside of a Wonderball.  Extracting the Omega 13 device with a stick of gum and a paperclip.  Living at the center of the sun to overcome the negative effects of Kryptonite.  Finding an assistant who can send a compressed imprint of a human brain through a microwave in the hopes of not turning a human into a gel-nana. Wait…

HOWEVER. Supposing the task can be accomplished in its impossibility, what fundamental right can prevent oneself from attempting such a feat? Continue reading

Sanctioned Abuse

I’m gonna try writing stuff a week in advance and queue it up.

So, this week it’s all on you to carry us!



Can your kokoro take all the abuse necessary for me to carry us for the week?


But, that doesn’t matter.

The broken fragments of my heart are worth it.