Space Patrol Luluco – Review

Space Patrol Luluco

Do you want and love copious amounts of insanity? Do you want to get away from the bonds of normalcy? If so strap yourself into a spaceship and transform into a gun because we’re going into space to fight some space crime, among other things! Space Patrol Luluco is a 8 minute anime series that has the same kind of crazy as Gurren Laggan, if not more, in less time. So with that said I’ll try to keep this review in a normal…  Continue reading

Kagewani – Review

Kagewani -Shou-

Kagewani is a monster thriller short anime series with a rather unique art style. So unique that, it’s the art style that caught my eye as I looked through the 2016 Spring Seasons list of shows, in case I missed anything that would interest me. If I were to go into it I’d say that the characters look like real people (I’m almost sure they are at some parts) that are painted over with watercolors, which is then pasted on top of a watercolor painting of the environment. While the art style drew me in, the first episode of the current (2nd) season is what did me in. I simply had to watch all of it from the start.  Continue reading

Kiznaiver – Review


What do you get when you take 7 (+1) people with conflicting personalities, and connect them together through their pain? You get Kiznaiver. The Kizna system is a rather ambitious project aimed at connecting people through suffering and pain, and is at an experimental stage. Those connected by the Kizna system are referred to as Kiznaivers, hence the title. So, why would you want to connect people by negative things such as pain, and suffering? Because if everyone were able to understand, and empathize with each other then the world would likely see less conflict: or if you’re as ambitious as the front runners of the project, this could be the key to world peace… Thankfully this premise of connecting people through pain does not get wasted on a “save the world” story.  Continue reading

Joker Game – Review

Joker Game

Joker Game, is an anime about Japanese spies during World War II. With a premise like that I found myself immediately drawn to it. A spy anime? I’m sure it’s full of mystery, and tension, with a thrilling story to boot. I wasn’t about to let this show pass me by. So the fist two episodes go by setting the stage behind Joker Game, and after that? I’m in France with one of the spies. You can only imagine my disappointment when I figured out this was going to be episodic. But with disappointment aside, how was the journey watching it?  Continue reading

Bungou Stray Dogs – S1 – Review

Bungou Stray Dogs

Bungou Stray Dogs follows the story of Atsushi, and his adventures with the Armed Detective Agency. Detective Agency? So it’s a detective show right? Yes and no. While they do solve cases, the focus isn’t necessarily on the mystery behind the case but rather the character interaction and action that happens along the way. You see, when they say Armed Detective Agency, what they’re primarily armed with are their own supernatural abilities. That being said, where does this show go with it?  Continue reading