Loot Anime: July 2016

So, I’ve been getting Loot Anime boxes for… four months now? Four or five, something like that. I’ve always thought about doing some kind of un-boxing post, but I never got around to it. This time around though; this time it’s different. This time they had listed “Arpeggio of Blue Steel” with their theme “Squadron.”  So, I had to cover the unboxing, just in case there was something AMAZING from Arpeggio. Granted, I doubt there will be, and I’m holding out for an Arpeggio shirt. If not that, then give me the manga. I can live with that. So, let’s get on with it.


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FigView: Black Rock Shooter (GAME ver.)

So, I guess Black Rock Shooter is back. With wings. She generally looks all around better than the original BRS Figma. Her hair isn’t trying to simulate Hatsune Miku, it’s spikier, and just plain looks cooler. That’s what we’re aiming here for when we think BRS. We think Cool, and that’s what we got, whereas with the original we got a derp that kinda looked cool, so… Yeah. That’s just it though, she runs around with a sword and cannon that’s as big ,if not bigger than her, with no problem. Now you’re telling me she has wings and can fly? Sold. Funny thing about that is those wings are there for show in the game. Still looks cool though.

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Sennight’s Symphony: 暁ノ糸 (Thread of Dawn)

This is a “new” thing I’ll be doing on Wednesdays because reasons. I say “new” because I did this sort of thing on an old blog some years ago. This also gives me an excuse to ramble a bit without any specific topic in mind before I share the song itself… As I am doing now. I suppose I’ll use this as a general update post as well… Guess I’ll call it he Weekly Song-date because that’s totally something I’d do. Better than the boring title of “Song of the Week” which is what its previous incarnation was called.

Anyway I’ve gone on for to long so here’s the song 暁ノ糸 (Akatsuki no Ito) by 和楽器 (Wagakki Band.)

Now, of course it’s a song by Wagakki Band, I saw them live a little over a week ago. They totally played this song, much to my pleasure, and it was amazing. I love the build up and chant-like structure of the song. Add to it the lyrics which paint a nice vivid imagery and sentiment, and we’ve got a fantastic song.

To the uninformed, Wagakki Band is a Japananese band which fuses traditional Japanese instruments (Wagakki) with Western Rock. Instruments used are as follows: Shakuhachi, Koto, Shamisen, Wadaiko, Guitar, Bass, and Drums.

FigView: Lily Nedoroid

Look what’s back! FigView is back. Back again… but will it stay? Let’s hope so. I didn’t spend over 9000…

So, there’s actually some new stuff that’s coming in this month. But, they’re not here yet. So, you’ll see them in the near future. Those sentences were redundant, yes. But hey, now I can tell you about how I lost my virginity this month. My Nendoroid virginity, that is.

It all began that one summer day. It was ridiculously hot. So, I thought to myself, “I need to cool down, but where can I go to cool down?” Then it hit me. Rivers are usually nice and cool, so what better way to cool down than to jump into the the Amazon river? So, that’s precisely what I did. I swam around here and there, thinking about life, Vocaloids, and a certain upcoming concert. When I had enough of cooling down, I jumped out with a lighter wallet, and a delirious look upon my face. After a while, Lily came down from the heavens with a very disappointed look on her face which screamed, “You finally did it. You broke your last rule, moron.”

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