FigView: Strength


I’ve been dreading this one. That is to say dreading taking pictures of her. While Strength is great and all, the anime version of her figma… is well… Ok. Look. Her Ogre Arms got a size increase, from her original design. What that means is that when translated to figure form, it’s a pain to pose, although very satisfying to see. This version of Strength came out on March of 2014, and I believe was the second to last Black Rock Shooter figma to be released.  Continue reading

Re:Zero – Review


It’s over. It’s finally over. Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- has come to a close with a total of 25 episodes under its belt. So how was it? It was by far the worst part of my week, and the most disgusting excuse for an Anime I have ever watched. 0/10 do not recommend, do not watch. Ever. Just kidding. Re:Zero is actually the best harem anime I’ve seen in ages. Kidding, again… kinda. Continue reading

Completed Dictions and Beyond

Now that a Ren Dictions project is complete, the Dictions page has risen to host the completed project and future projects.  Depending on resource needs, the completed collections may remain or disappear without much warning.  For the near future, they will remain.  Download and listen as an album to your heart’s content!

For the next project, a few options are being considered.  Obviously, Spice & Wolf Volume 2 is high on the list.  Also considered is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.  The other options would not be posted here although they would still consume the time necessary to post, so updates would stall for a short while.  Have a different idea in mind? Sound off in the comments!

“FigView” Holo Kotobukiya


In celebration of Spice & Wolf’s 10th Anniversary, and the completion of Ren Dictions Spice & Wolf Vol. 1, I bought a thingy! While not the expensive GSC Holy Grail, I have been meaning to buy this figure for quite some time. I feel this Kotobukiya 1/8 scale of Holo is the best realization of her original light novel form.  Not as sharp and “mature” as the anime, and not as cutesy as the manga.  Soft features and a hint of color to her cheeks give an alluring, gentle, yet lonely feel to a lovely figure. Continue reading