Black Rock Shooter BEAST


Black Rock Shooter BEAST. A design of Black★Rock Shooter unaffiliated with any form of media besides  the art pieces she was made after. Black Rock Shooter BEAST was originally released on January 2012, as a limited edition add-on to Huke’s first art book, BLK which sold for. The book is hardcover, with 240 pages most of which belonging to the Black★Rock Shooter series, and the other half being Steins;Gate and others. Enough of the art book though, on to the figma~  Continue reading

Alderamin on the Sky – Review


When I first saw Alderamin on the Sky on the list of summer anime, I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t crazy for the art style, and based off that alone I was keen on skipping it. Then I read the description on Cruynchyroll which started off saying: “The huge Katvana Empire is at war with the neighboring Kioka republic.” Oh. War. Well, I like war so I guess I’ll give it a shot. Wait, strike that. I like war stories. Yeah, that’s what I meant. War stories. See, if I didn’t correct myself just now Ikta Solork would have jumped out from the poster and slapped me across the face. Well, maybe not. He is a lazy bum after all.  Continue reading

Insane Black★Rock Shooter


The Penultimate Black Rock Shooter figma is here. Insane Black★Rock Shooter is the most expensive of the bunch. By expensive I mean, you can only get her through the Black★Rock Shooter Limited Edition Box Set, with the Blu-Ray version being 28,000 yen (around $270 USD) on its initial release date back in June 2012. That box set includes the Black★Rock Shooter anime in four disks, the OST, an art book, and of course the Insane Black★Rock Shooter figma. But enough with the box set, this post is all about the spectacular Insane Black★Rock Shooter figma, who does a very good job at hiding her joints.  Continue reading