Seasons End: Summer 2016

Summer Season 2016

Well, the Summer Season has ended. Yup. What’s that? It’s been over? And we’re half way into Fall? Huh. Yeah, I’ve missed out on about 6 weeks of the Fall Season so far, but hey I finally finished writing a review for all (most) of the shows I finished watched in Summer, so now I can finally get on with that. But first… Summer overview. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.  Continue reading

This Art Club Has a Problem – “Review”


Ahh, the pains of unrequited love. I’m sure most people know that feeling, it really sucks doesn’t it? Well never mind thew pains of experiencing it, because This Art Club Has a Problem takes that pain and turns it into glorious comedy. This Art Club Has a Problem focuses on Usami a second year high school student who happens to have a crush on fellow art club member Uchimaki. Thing is, Uchimaki is only interested in “2D girls,” in fact much to Usami’s dismay the only reason he’s in the art club is so that he can draw the “ultimate waifu.” With this premise set for us, what can we expect?  Continue reading

REOL – Σ (Sigma)


Regular Edition


REOL’s debut album Sigma was released on October 19 2016. REOL consists of Giga the composer, Reol the lyricist and vocalist, and Okiku the video director. With that said, while this is REOL’s (the group) debut album, it’s also Reol’s (the singer) 3rd album.

Preceding album’s being, No Title (in collaboration with Giga), and 極彩色 (Gokusaishiki).



Limited Edtion


Sigma is an electronic dance album, which features a fair share of both up beat, and slower songs. Surprisingly the album as a whole has a dark theme when it comes to the lyrics. Themes include growing up, fatigue of humanity, a desire to break from the status quo, and more.

For those of you curious, here’s the official preview for the album.


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