Musical Reflection: the GazettE – Disorder


1. Disorder – Intro
2. The Social Riot Machine$
3. Carry?
4. ザクロ型の憂鬱
5. Maximum Impulse
6. 花言葉
7. 東京心中
8. SxDxR
9. Anti Pop
10. 7月8日
11. さらば
12. Disorder – Heaven

Disorder is visual kei, J-rock band, the GazettE’s first studio album which was released way back in October 2004… “Way back in 2004?” Wow I feel old now.  Continue reading

Totally Scripted (1): This isn’t about Konosuba 2-7

Snow and I were chatting, and a bright light bulb moment shone in the northern sky.  We banter at each other about shows we’re watching all the time.  We should make sammiches!  Wait, no.. that’s not the idea.  Instead, wouldn’t it be better to seduce our (read: Snow’s) followers into showering us with praise (and harsh criticism) by making them listen to us banter?! You guessed it! Lube your ears, friends.  It’s posh time with Kazuma and friends.

bda13c75e05b2f97e21e58b6691e6dd0d6b499e35bf735ad15pimgpsh_mobile_save_distr Continue reading