Totally Scripted (8): Everything is Generic

Totally Scripted (8): Everything is Generic

This time Ren and Snow talk about the apparent final episode of Interviews with Monster Girls. It’s a pool episode, so there’s tons of fan service talk. Wait, no there wasn’t. Neither was there much fan service. Huh, how strange. Also, the return of Generic bland boy… for about a minute or two.

Totally Scripted (7): This One Features Normals

I have a face

Totally Scripted (7): This One Features Normals

Teaching is tough. You’re in charge of helping others learn from you, but you’re still trying to learn how to do that yourself! From the comfort of our seats, we analyze another man’s woes as he has to endure just these problems – but we don’t. Because we’re real. And also, we’re not teachers. At least, not in schools. Accredited schools.