Totally Scripted (7): This One Features Normals

I have a face

Totally Scripted (7): This One Features Normals

Teaching is tough. You’re in charge of helping others learn from you, but you’re still trying to learn how to do that yourself! From the comfort of our seats, we analyze another man’s woes as he has to endure just these problems – but we don’t. Because we’re real. And also, we’re not teachers. At least, not in schools. Accredited schools.

Totally Scripted (3):This One Will Try to Convert You


Totally Scripted (Ep 3): This One Will Try to Convert You

Today Nerd and the Gang contemplate the desires of character hearts, motivation, freedom of expression, and lots of other lies that weren’t actually discussed but are listed because you’re probably not still reading this rambling non-sentence. Analyzing a show without seeming completely dry is hard stuff.  Have a bone, on the house, you Eris scum.

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Totally Scripted (1): This isn’t about Konosuba 2-7

Snow and I were chatting, and a bright light bulb moment shone in the northern sky.  We banter at each other about shows we’re watching all the time.  We should make sammiches!  Wait, no.. that’s not the idea.  Instead, wouldn’t it be better to seduce our (read: Snow’s) followers into showering us with praise (and harsh criticism) by making them listen to us banter?! You guessed it! Lube your ears, friends.  It’s posh time with Kazuma and friends.

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Completed Dictions and Beyond

Now that a Ren Dictions project is complete, the Dictions page has risen to host the completed project and future projects.  Depending on resource needs, the completed collections may remain or disappear without much warning.  For the near future, they will remain.  Download and listen as an album to your heart’s content!

For the next project, a few options are being considered.  Obviously, Spice & Wolf Volume 2 is high on the list.  Also considered is The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien.  The other options would not be posted here although they would still consume the time necessary to post, so updates would stall for a short while.  Have a different idea in mind? Sound off in the comments!