Black Rock Shooter BEAST


Black Rock Shooter BEAST. A design of Black★Rock Shooter unaffiliated with any form of media besides  the art pieces she was made after. Black Rock Shooter BEAST was originally released on January 2012, as a limited edition add-on to Huke’s first art book, BLK which sold for. The book is hardcover, with 240 pages most of which belonging to the Black★Rock Shooter series, and the other half being Steins;Gate and others. Enough of the art book though, on to the figma~  Continue reading

Insane Black★Rock Shooter


The Penultimate Black Rock Shooter figma is here. Insane Black★Rock Shooter is the most expensive of the bunch. By expensive I mean, you can only get her through the Black★Rock Shooter Limited Edition Box Set, with the Blu-Ray version being 28,000 yen (around $270 USD) on its initial release date back in June 2012. That box set includes the Black★Rock Shooter anime in four disks, the OST, an art book, and of course the Insane Black★Rock Shooter figma. But enough with the box set, this post is all about the spectacular Insane Black★Rock Shooter figma, who does a very good job at hiding her joints.  Continue reading

FigView: Black☆Rock Shooter


This is it. This is the one you should buy if you want to get a figma of Black Rock Shooter’s default design, followed by the game version and then finally original. Now I say default, because there are two more versions of her, but that’s a story for another time. Because this is totally a story I’m telling you.  Moving on, this Black Rock Shooter figma was released way back in the August of 2012, and is the third to last BRS figma I have to write about. Continue reading

FigView: Strength


I’ve been dreading this one. That is to say dreading taking pictures of her. While Strength is great and all, the anime version of her figma… is well… Ok. Look. Her Ogre Arms got a size increase, from her original design. What that means is that when translated to figure form, it’s a pain to pose, although very satisfying to see. This version of Strength came out on March of 2014, and I believe was the second to last Black Rock Shooter figma to be released.  Continue reading