Sanctioned Abuse

I’m gonna try writing stuff a week in advance and queue it up.

So, this week it’s all on you to carry us!



Can your kokoro take all the abuse necessary for me to carry us for the week?


But, that doesn’t matter.

The broken fragments of my heart are worth it.

Delicious Ethnic Babies

So, some guy started talking to me on the message boards..



Putting the mmmoooveess on ya?

You know what’s funny?

Stop acting so girly.


I can’t!

I AM a girl!




Can I quote you on that?


Go for it.

But anywho

*** Ren Rusyn goes to make a blog post. ***

Dear Lord..


The funny thing is they’re from Germany.

Sorry, I forgot what we’re talking about.

Who is?

Why do I keep getting involved with Germans?

Clearly, you have a thing for them.

You want delicious Germanic ethnic babies.

I dunno about that…

Not … that Germans are particularly attractive in my book…

Maybe Icelandic…

Mmmm… Pasty whites!



Well, I say that..

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here without a clue.



And yet, there are some bbeaautiful~ pasty red heads from Ireland

And at least one good joke in that!

This conversation is getting too 3D for me

Can I quote you on THAT?!

Little Big ‘o’

I’m magnificento!

With a capital o.

Except, I didn’t capitalize it – either time.

Soo, really it’s lower case…

But, still important!

It’s lower case, but that’s just a disguise.

It’s a secret agent!

It’s a lower case posing as an undercover uppercase.

Or, is it an uppercase lower case that is posing as a lowercase posing as an uppercase lowercase?


It feels self conscious about its smaller font size, so it only tries to pass itself off as a lowercase posing as an uppercase lowercase because being an uppercase lowercase is too demeaning.


It’s a double agent for the lowercase army posing as an uppercase lowercase, that feels self conscious about its smaller font size that’s passing itself off as a lowercase to be an uppercase lowercase, that wont be suspected as a uppercase lowercase.

I’m so lost…