“FigView” Holo Kotobukiya


In celebration of Spice & Wolf’s 10th Anniversary, and the completion of Ren Dictions Spice & Wolf Vol. 1, I bought a thingy! While not the expensive GSC Holy Grail, I have been meaning to buy this figure for quite some time. I feel this Kotobukiya 1/8 scale of Holo is the best realization of her original light novel form.  Not as sharp and “mature” as the anime, and not as cutesy as the manga.  Soft features and a hint of color to her cheeks give an alluring, gentle, yet lonely feel to a lovely figure. Continue reading

Ren Dictions: Spice & Wolf Vol. 1-3


Swinging into view on the wings of a mighty ship with poor insurance is Chapter 3.  Living without air conditioning makes for difficult recording when heat waves with the magical power of “Turn On All the Fans and Make It Impossible To Find a Quiet Spot To Record” (TOAFMIITFQSTR for short. Pronounced toe-af meat fick-stir) come to thwart any possible attack on the project. Nevertheless, we prevail only one day late!

Let us read together, Spice & Wolf Volume 1: Chapter 3. Continue reading