Totally Scripted (12): This One’s Fate will Stay in Akashic Records with the Instructor of Justice


Totally Scripted (12): This One’s Fate will Stay in Akashic Records with the Instructor of Justice

The die has been cast. Akashic Records will be the second series we follow this season.  In for the typical (and not expecting to podcast on it), but staying for the surprises! We cover the first 3 episodes which have aired so far and draw parallels with other shows we love or hate! Come enjoy Glenn-sensei’s shameless personality.

Breathing the Wild with Zelda

Ah, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The latest installment in the Zelda series opens up the world of Hyrule unlike any game before it, quite frankly Hyrule has never looked better. In Breath of the Wild you play as Link (surprise, surprise) who has been in slumber for 100 years. He wakes up, and then in reference to the first game in the series runs into an old man who gives him the rundown on life, as he has you run around the plateau in which you awoke to learn how the game works. It’s basically a disguised tutorial area that gives you the tools you’ll be using throughout the game, while not being “HEY LISTEN, DO THIS THING, TO DO THAT OTHER THING.” So you make your way around the plateau learning how the game works, on your own wit. Fantastic.  Continue reading

Totally Scripted (11): Attack on… whatever

Titans are Ugly, so here are some Ewoks

Totally Scripted (11): Attack on… whatever

We’re late, I’m kinda sorry, Ren isn’t sorry. Something about life, or whatever. We kinda talk about Star Wars, Ewoks, and that other thing… oh yeah, Attack on Titan… before we got distracted and started talking about other anime, manga, and light novels. WE’RE SO CONSISTENT.

Totally Scripted (10): Attack on Animals


Totally Scripted (10): Attack on Animals

After the Silver Guardian’s THRILLING success and obvious lure, we didn’t watch it and just stuck with Shingeki no Titans! This episode brought you by Colossal Nendoroid # 360. May you forever haunt our dreams and confuse us with your tactics of not continuing straight on to the next walls.