Musical Reflection: the GazettE – Stacked Rubbish

the-gazette-2007-stacked-rubbishStacked Rubbish

1. Art Drawn by Vomit
2. Agony
3. Hyena
4. Burial Applicant
5. ガンジスに紅い薔薇
6. Regret
7. Calm Envy
8. Swallowtail on the Death Valley
9. Mob 136 Bars
10. Gentle Lie
11. Filth in the Beauty
12. Circle of Swindler
13. 千鶴
14. People Error

Stacked Rubbish, or what I like refer to as the “dirty” album. Why dirty? Maybe it’s the title, maybe it’s the feel to the album, maybe it’s the experimental nature of the album, or maybe it’s all 3. Yeah, probaly all three. Stacked Rubbish is the GazettE’s 3rd studio album released back in July, 2007.  Continue reading

Totally Scripted (3):This One Will Try to Convert You


Totally Scripted (Ep 3): This One Will Try to Convert You

Today Nerd and the Gang contemplate the desires of character hearts, motivation, freedom of expression, and lots of other lies that weren’t actually discussed but are listed because you’re probably not still reading this rambling non-sentence. Analyzing a show without seeming completely dry is hard stuff.  Have a bone, on the house, you Eris scum.

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Musical Reflection: the GazettE – NIL


1. The End
2. Nausea & Shudder
3. Bath Room
4. Maggots
5. 生暖かい雨とざらついた情熱
6. D.L.N
7. Shadow VI II I
8. バレッタ (Baretta)
9. Cassis
10. Silly God Disco
11. Discharge
12. 体温

the GazettE’s second album, NIL was released on February of 2006, making it 11 years old at the time of writing this. With that said, this album still remains as one of my favorite albums released by them, or anyone else.  Continue reading

Musical Reflection: the GazettE – Disorder


1. Disorder – Intro
2. The Social Riot Machine$
3. Carry?
4. ザクロ型の憂鬱
5. Maximum Impulse
6. 花言葉
7. 東京心中
8. SxDxR
9. Anti Pop
10. 7月8日
11. さらば
12. Disorder – Heaven

Disorder is visual kei, J-rock band, the GazettE’s first studio album which was released way back in October 2004… “Way back in 2004?” Wow I feel old now.  Continue reading